About us

Texas Alaparia is a local staple on the island and was founded twenty-eight years ago by the current CEO’S father, winning multiple awards for being the best ‘grill’ restaurant on the Island!

From the day we started till today we always serve a free slice of fried ‘Funchi’ with every meal. Funchi itself is a local corn flower dish that was brought over to the island during the Slavery, most comparable to Polenta and very popular with the locals.

There are currently two establishments open on the island, unfortunately one of the establishments burned down but that didn’t stop us from re-opening it again soon after. Texas Alaparia is now looking into opening a third establishment. We have a Tex-Mex concept so that means that we serve both Texas style food but also Mexican food. Both are really delicious and very fresh and tasty.

Interesting to know is that the recipes of the meats and sauces are prepared in a special way because the recipes belong to the grandmother of the CEO’s who recently passed away. The company is very proud of her special recipes and the cooks prepare the dishes with passion, care and respect and you can taste that in the food.

We serve the subjoined dishes:

  • Starters: wings. Fried “Funchi” (traditional dish)
  • Fried chicken Texas style
  • -          Salads
  • -          Mexican food: nachos, fajitas, quesadillas, burritos.
  • -          Side orders: coleslaw, fried banana, rice, fries.
  • -          Kids menus: junior chicken, steak or ribs with fries and a soft drink.
  • -          Texas specialties platters: chicken, pork chops, ribs and steak.
  • -          Grilled chicken: boneless, smoked, barbequed (regular or large).
  • -          Premium ribs: loin ribs and smoked loin ribs (regular, large, plain).
  • -          Pork chop: platters in regular or large size.
  • -          Cowboy steak: regular or large.
  • -          From the sea: conch
  • -          Sate: steak or chicken.
  • -          Champs Ice-cream